My trip to Robocon Day1!

Today we started for our trip to pune for the Robocon 2008 competition which is held yearly,everything was getting meshed up.We were six students all together,on the night of 5th we went to Naveen sir’s workshop and were performing some test outs,but it eventually turned out for night long and since we had to leave for train we just started to pack our stuffs all together ,everything was disorganized,we had got our college cabs but still a lot of packing was left,of machines as well as our personal stuffs.

leaving me(Deepak) and Gourav at the workshop,all other members went back to college at 3.30 in the morning to get our luggages from the hostel and rooms in greater noida.We two packed up all the stuffs and at around 4:30 took the Auto to Nizamuddin Railway station,we didn’t had any idea what we had to do.

we had alltogether 8 cartoons of luggege in machines and only two of us there on the station.the train was sechduled at 6 am .the other guys including our instructor cum teacher were still on the way,somehow we managed to board the train (though we had to pay Rs 50 to one and another  Rs 50 to other Policewallas to take the luggage ,well thats too common….Welcome to INDIA).

The most thrilling experience was awaited,the rest of the guys missed the train and ther were only two of us in the train with a bunch of machines without and package of our personal luggage.we didn’t had a bit of idea what to do next with such loads of luggage…everything was just going on .the other guys were in tension and Manish sir(our instructor) was having a tough time with them.Further they manage to decide with collage authorities that they will come to pune by Rajdhani Express and finally boarded Rajdahani Express to Mumbai at 5PM in the evening.

Me and Gourav had the so called good time in train with both of our phone’s getting discharged and living without chrgers and anything.

All in all a great lifetime experience!!!

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