My trip to Robocon Day 2…

It was a great morning ,when me and gourav reached Pune railway station at 11 am, we weren’t knowing anything abt the city so we thought that we had to manage it all ourselves with so much of luggage. Then i thought of trying my luck to cancel the tickets of other guys.But before that i met some people asking us if we were from Priyadarshini Greater Noida,then we said yes.Actually they were there from MIT Pune to recieve us at railway station.That was really cool.then we kept all our luggage in a truck which was already heavily loaded with robots of other participants who reached the station before us.

Then the two of us boarded the luxary bus to be taken to MIT, the venue.we were  entirly shocked to see so many students sitting inside and planning something really crucial for the event ,they had really nice group, supportive members,then we silently moved ourselve to the back bench of the bus,only two of us sitting alone and listening to the conversation of others.

After about an hour we reached the venue and were well setteled in the PIT area and a small cabin which was allocated to our college.By the time other members reached MUMBAI railway station by rajdhani.Then i was handed over with some formalities and some forms ,and coupons for food.then got fresh some how,didn’t went to hotel and strated to arrange the machine back up.

At around 3PM ,a ameeting was to be held of all the Team leaders and instructor,as no one else was present so i went to the metting representing our the meeting they discussed different voilations and rules of rulebook but not the strategies.The game rules were as follow:

38 Teams :: League Matches

12 Teams :: Super League

6 Teams :: Quater Final

4 Teams :: Semi Final

2 Teams :: Finals

Matches between first 38 teams were decided by picking up the chits by respective team leaders.and we got the K Group and our opponent were :

  2. VJTI Mumbai
  3. IIT Madras

After the meeting we were given kits having Tshirts and caps.

At around 5 PM rest all members arrived the pit area.and then we all started to work out to make the machine ready.It was really a depressing moment when we say the excellent machines of all our opponents working so powerfully and so precisely.

Then we worked till night .

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