Working on another project now- Gatepass management system

Hello again,

As i told in my last post that i was working on creating a Windows-based application for school,Now before it is over I got a new project last Web 18 Aug 2010, it was regarding a gatepass management system. I thought this project to be simple and headed towards it.By friday i completed the major portion of database designing and Forms Designing. I selected SQL SERVER 2008 CE as backend database as i have never used it. So i thought why not give it a try.

I faced no big issue with using SQL Server as database except, the data gets lost in development environment whenever i made any changes to the db.There must be some workaround but as it not a big issue as it gets lost only in development scenario not in real application so i continued with it.

As before Visual Studio 2010 was great and really helped me a lot.Though i faced some problem in Report Designing but i got its solution on the internet( Google’s has always been my friend).

 The application had to be shown to client on friday,which was done without much bugs.Today i completed some part of my school project and The application now shows The students report(though with some bugs).In the later half today i plan to complete the gatepass application asap.I’ll post some screenshots in my next post when i am done.

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