GateKeeper : The Ultimate Entrance Management System

GateKeeper : The Ultimate Entrance Management System

Now that I am almost done with my project “GateKeeper”, I’ll brief about it here.It is basically an Entrance management system with which and company can keep track of their incoming visitors. It can generate daily and monthly report and is also able to generate Customized report.The software has been made compatible with a camera installed, such that it can take the picture of incoming visitor directly on the visitor’s detail Form. There are screenshots posted along with the details.
Product Feature
1. Manage all visitors coming in and going out.
2. Secure Login Access to software.
3. Captures images directly from camera.
4. Elaborated Reporting system including daily and monthly customized report.
5. Pictorial representation of visitors
6. Easy to use user Interface
7. Print Gatepass for visitors.
8. Manage Employee with ease.
9. Different User and Admin Access.
10. Visitor Permission system for different department.
11. Daily Visitor List.
12. Track visitors with ease
13. Windows based software
Software Requirements
1. Windows based system (At least Windows XP)
2. Ram 1GB.
3. Harddisk Space 1.5 GB
4. SQL Server Compact Edition

Login Screen

Login Screen



Visitor Entry

Visitor Entry Form

Visitor's Details

Visitor's Details

Do help me with your suggestions.

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