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Dynamically Accessing Class Members using String Class Name in JAVA

Following is the code for dynamically accessing member of a class when class name is not availaible while compiling.
You can use this method to invoke the method of class whose class name is available in string. and whose member name is also available in string.

	 * Method used for dynamically accessing values from a class object in java. on passing method name or variable name along with object.
	 * @param obj : The object whose member variable or method has to be called.
	 * @param methodName : the method name of obj to be called. (null if not required)
	 * @param varName :  the variable name of obj to be called. (null if not required)
	 * @return object or null
	public static Object getValues(Object obj, String methodName, String varName) {
		try {
			// Creating the class object
			Class myclass = Class.forName(obj.getClass().getSimpleName());
			if (null != methodName) {
				//Loading all the methods of class.
				Method[] methods = myclass.getMethods();
				for (int i = 0; i < methods.length; i++) {
					//searching for the method we required
					if (methods[i].getName().equals(methodName)) {
						//Invoking and returning the method we require over object we pass.
						return methods[i].invoke(obj);
			if (null != varName) {
				//Loading all the fields of class
				Field[] fields = myclass.getFields();
				for (int i = 0; i < fields.length; i++) {
					//Searching for the field name we require
					if (fields[i].getName().equals(varName)) {
						//returning the value of the required field.
						return fields[i].get(obj);

		} catch (Exception ex) {
		return null;

Released a new beta version of my WordPress plugin – ULTIMATE CMS

Hi There,

Today i have released a new version of WordPress plugin ultimate cms. The plugin details can be found at plugin web site at

More details are also available on plugin site in WordPress repository @


Finding root of any equation using calculator

This is a trick is used in my exams to calculate one root of any equation using a non-programmable calculator that are usually allowed during examination.I’ll show how i did it.

Basically its based on Newton Raphson’s formula that i learned in one of my subject.
The formula is as

and in a more generalised form :

now the steps are as under to get the solution :

  1. Set Ans=1,That can be done by punching in 1 and pressing =.
  2. Next make an equation ((ANS)-(f(ANS)÷f'(ANS)))
  3. Punch in =
  4. Keep punching = until you start getting same result consecutively


Say equation is

f(x) = y = sin x + cos x

f'(x) = y' = cos x + sin x


f(ANS) = sin ANS + cos ANS
f'(ANS) = cos ANS + Sin ANS

Now making the equation we get

((ANS)-((sin ANS + cos ANS)÷(cos ANS + sin ANS)))

Now we just need to punch in = and we will get the answer.
You may give it a try I used CASIO FX-82 MS calculator by the way..