Taxonomy Customizer Plugin for WordPress

From today morning I have been busy trying to make a plugin for WordPress. Today i came to know that making a plugin is not really an easy task, or may be i am finding it difficult as i am new to it.

Anyways what i am trying to make is a plugin that would give a UI to WordPress administrators for customizing their taxonomies. I have been able to create a prototype that works for now. Lets see how things goes from now.


GateKeeper : The Ultimate Entrance Management System

GateKeeper : The Ultimate Entrance Management System

Now that I am almost done with my project “GateKeeper”, I’ll brief about it here.It is basically an Entrance management system with which and company can keep track of their incoming visitors. It can generate daily and monthly report and is also able to generate Customized report.The software has been made compatible with a camera installed, such that it can take the picture of incoming visitor directly on the visitor’s detail Form. There are screenshots posted along with the details. Continue reading

Working on another project now- Gatepass management system

Hello again,

As i told in my last post that i was working on creating a Windows-based application for school,Now before it is over I got a new project last Web 18 Aug 2010, it was regarding a gatepass management system. I thought this project to be simple and headed towards it.By friday i completed the major portion of database designing and Forms Designing. I selected SQL SERVER 2008 CE as backend database as i have never used it. So i thought why not give it a try.

I faced no big issue with using SQL Server as database except, the data gets lost in development environment whenever i made any changes to the db.There must be some workaround but as it not a big issue as it gets lost only in development scenario not in real application so i continued with it.

As before Visual Studio 2010 was great and really helped me a lot.Though i faced some problem in Report Designing but i got its solution on the internet( Google’s has always been my friend).

 The application had to be shown to client on friday,which was done without much bugs.Today i completed some part of my school project and The application now shows The students report(though with some bugs).In the later half today i plan to complete the gatepass application asap.I’ll post some screenshots in my next post when i am done.

Creating A Windows Application For School

It’z been a really long that i’ve blogged so am starting it all over again. These days I have been busy making a windows application and trying out the new Visual Studio 2010. This new tool is awsome and really good for creating application for windows and may be better for Web too.!!!

So let me tell you about the project. Basically i started it off myself as i  don’t really have anyone to help,the project is a Windows based Application connected to MYSql database that will be used to administer any school. The application will include many functionality like Student details, Class management, Attendence management, Report Card management and few more feature.

Initially i planned to make just a report card filling system but now i have increased the scope of my application and added these modules too.

Later i would like to provide a web interface to the application and synchronize the data such that it can be shown on the school website. Hope i would be able to complete this project asap.

My trip to Robocon Day 2…

It was a great morning ,when me and gourav reached Pune railway station at 11 am, we weren’t knowing anything abt the city so we thought that we had to manage it all ourselves with so much of luggage. Then i thought of trying my luck to cancel the tickets of other guys.But before that i met some people asking us if we were from Priyadarshini Greater Noida,then we said yes.Actually they were there from MIT Pune to recieve us at railway station.That was really cool.then we kept all our luggage in a truck which was already heavily loaded with robots of other participants who reached the station before us.

Then the two of us boarded the luxary bus to be taken to MIT, the venue.we were  entirly shocked to see so many students sitting inside and planning something really crucial for the event ,they had really nice group, supportive members,then we silently moved ourselve to the back bench of the bus,only two of us sitting alone and listening to the conversation of others. Continue reading

My trip to Robocon Day1!

Today we started for our trip to pune for the Robocon 2008 competition which is held yearly,everything was getting meshed up.We were six students all together,on the night of 5th we went to Naveen sir’s workshop and were performing some test outs,but it eventually turned out for night long and since we had to leave for train we just started to pack our stuffs all together ,everything was disorganized,we had got our college cabs but still a lot of packing was left,of machines as well as our personal stuffs.

leaving me(Deepak) and Gourav at the workshop,all other members went back to college at 3.30 in the morning to get our luggages from the hostel and rooms in greater noida.We two packed up all the stuffs and at around 4:30 took the Auto to Nizamuddin Railway station,we didn’t had any idea what we had to do.

we had alltogether 8 cartoons of luggege in machines and only two of us there on the station.the train was sechduled at 6 am .the other guys including our instructor cum teacher were still on the way,somehow we managed to board the train (though we had to pay Rs 50 to one and another  Rs 50 to other Policewallas to take the luggage ,well thats too common….Welcome to INDIA). Continue reading