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Released a new beta version of my WordPress plugin – ULTIMATE CMS

Hi There,

Today i have released a new version of WordPress plugin ultimate cms. The plugin details can be found at plugin web site at

More details are also available on plugin site in WordPress repository @



WordPress Ultimate Post Type Manager

As the users of Ultimate Taxonomy Manager opted for me to work with a post type manager. So these days I’ve been busy  working on new plugin for WordPress named Ultimate Post Type Manager.Finally I am done with the new Plugin you can have a peek at

Plugin website

Please have a look, and do let me know what you think about it

Adding Custom Link to Plugins page in WordPress

I had to search a lot for adding a custom link to WordPress Plugin page that linked to Settings page of my plugin. So here’s a Tutorial on how to add it.

There are two parts of adding Custom Links

Add the following lines to add a filter

add_filter('plugin_action_links',' xydac_settings', 10, 2);

Here xydac_setting refers to the function which is used to add links.

Add the function for handling the Filter

function xydac_settings($links, $file) {
static $this_plugin;
if (!$this_plugin) $this_plugin = plugin_basename(__FILE__);
if ($file == $this_plugin){
$my_link = "<a href="admin.php?page=ultimate-taxonomy-manager">" . __("Settings") . "</a>";
array_unshift($links, $my_link);
return $links;

Add the links to Settings file of your plugin in this function and assign it to variable $my_link.

Thats all you have to do to add the settings link to your Plugin.