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Released a new beta version of my WordPress plugin – ULTIMATE CMS

Hi There,

Today i have released a new version of WordPress plugin ultimate cms. The plugin details can be found at plugin web site at

More details are also available on plugin site in WordPress repository @



WordPress Ultimate Post Type Manager

As the users of Ultimate Taxonomy Manager opted for me to work with a post type manager. So these days I’ve been busy  working on new plugin for WordPress named Ultimate Post Type Manager.Finally I am done with the new Plugin you can have a peek at

Plugin website

Please have a look, and do let me know what you think about it

Ultimate Taxonomy Manager for WordPress

Finally i completed my first WordPress plugin named ” Ultimate Taxonomy Customizer”, which can be useful to create as many Taxonomy as you want as well as Custom Fields for those taxonomies.

Creating custom fields basically means adding more details to taxonomy. Continue reading

Taxonomy Customizer Plugin for WordPress

From today morning I have been busy trying to make a plugin for WordPress. Today i came to know that making a plugin is not really an easy task, or may be i am finding it difficult as i am new to it.

Anyways what i am trying to make is a plugin that would give a UI to WordPress administrators for customizing their taxonomies. I have been able to create a prototype that works for now. Lets see how things goes from now.